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Apartment/Condo Managers

1 Way Haulers works closely with the Property Management Industry to offer services that give consistent value & savings. As members of several National, State, & Local Apartment Associations, 1 Way Haulers is widely known as a Leader in all the Multi-Family Services we provide. Your Communities & Residents deserve a properly licensed & insured Vendor on-site, contact us and discover the 1 Way Haulers Difference, that Management Groups rely on.


Valet Trash Services have constantly been voted a Top-Rated Community Amenity. With an abundance of residents in the US that have said they wanted doorstep recycling & valet trash removal, inconvenience of lugging trash can be a Deal Breaker! Our Doorstep Waste Removal Services provide a high value and strong connection to your residents’ lifestyles. Many new renters are former home owners who have become accustomed to and are looking for single-family type trash & recycling options. Our Doorstep Recycling & Valet Trash services provide great all-inclusive benefits that communities can use to enhance marketability.

Through our Property Management Partner Approach, we work to build lasting relationships based on integrity, trust & service. This congruity helps and retains the residents we serve, we bring together our knowledge of Multi-Family Culture and the benefits of our waste experience in the commercial, industrial, & residential space. This puts 1 Way Haulers in a unique position where synergies are easily identified, efficiencies captured, and learning shared.



Smart givers generally don’t give reactively in a knee-jerk reaction, they respond to organizations that appeal to their nobler motives, also, they take the time to identify which causes are most important to them and their families, being specific about the change they want to affect. For example, they don’t just support generic education charities, but instead have targeted outcome goals for their giving, such as providing financial literacy to the youth in their community.

Again, we see ourselves as a partner in the charity’s efforts to bring about change, we plan to stay connected with those whose aim is to give back. When business and civic ethics coexist, it enhances our community’s common prosperity, Thus, it is our intent to make the long-term commitment to charities that share these Values.

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  • Spa & Hot Tub Demolition & Removal
  • Asphalt and Concrete Demolition
  • Block or Retaining Wall Demolition
  • Shed Demolition
  • Deck or Patio Demolition

Fast Turnaround Times: 1 Way Haulers offers same or next day service, which means that we can get your demolition and removal done almost immediately!

Licensed and Insured: Our uniformed representatives are licensed and insured. We are also properly trained and equipped to do your demolition and removal in a safe and timely manner.

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Event Clean-Up

What is the best part about having a special event? Planning it! Okay, maybe you’re not a fan of picking centerpiece designs, double-checking every little detail, and budgeting. So, let’s say the best part of hosting an event is, by far, the event itself! It’s certainly not all the cleaning up afterward. The best part is being at the event, whether it’s a party, ceremony, marathon, or even a convention, anything is more fun than cleaning!

Well, what if you DIDN’T have to do the cleanup part at all?
Did you even know special event clean-up was an option?
How much more relaxing would your event be without worrying about getting your deposit back?

1 Way Haulers is an event-cleaning specialist in South Florida. 1WH does site set-up and tear-down services at concerts, street festivals, golf tournaments, parks, fairs, public areas, parties, corporate events, marathons, sports events, paintball tournaments, film shoots, film festivals, and entertainment venues.

We meet with you before an event to ensure the premise and location meets your existing standards for cleanliness, continue to deal with the developing waste and litter situation by removing the trash during the event and focusing on recycling as much as we can! All this is done from the most cost-conscious viewpoint! After the event concludes, we ensure the location is returned to its pre-event state.

1 Way Haulers coordinates equipment, active management, site logistics, and skilled labor to ensure a clean site for your event, our staff is dedicated to finding the calm in the chaos so that your event runs smoothly.


Do you have random things around your home you need help moving?
Are you looking to rearrange the house?
Do you have a packed portable storage unit you need help loading or emptying?
Did you have a last minute move? Will the truck be outside without anyone to help you?
Maybe you just need strong helping hands around the house?

1 Way Haulers can provide the in-home moving help it takes to carry heavy furniture up staircases and through narrow halls. Reduce your exhaustion and let us provide you with an economical labor solution, and a great thing to keep in mind is that we bill by the ¼ hr so, there’s no charge for time not used.

Professional Movers charge hundreds of dollars an hour, reduce your cost by renting moving trucks or Portable Storage Units at low rates and hiring 1 Way Haulers for as low as $95/hr for two strong Urban Junk Removers. Our UJR’s have the experience and skills that can help you fit more into the moving truck, squeeze large items through impossibly small areas, avoid scratches or holes in the walls, and get it all there in one piece, more hands means less stress for you.

Hire our hands today!


There are many variables which can affect the time needed to complete a job: stairs, elevators, and long carries are the major time consumers, but beware, there are many others as well: narrow hallways, low ceilings or clearance levels, tight doorways, landings, awkward turns can all impact the time it takes to finish your job. In addition, the location of your heaviest furniture (ground floor or three flights up?) can add quite a bit of time to any job.
All times are approximate:

Portable Storage Unit LOAD UNLOAD
12′ 2.75 Hours 2.25 Hours
16′ 3.5 Hours 3 Hours
10′ 2.25 Hours 1.75 Hours
16′ 3.5 Hours 3 Hours
Portable Storage Unit LOAD UNLOAD
12′ 2.75 Hours 2.25 Hours
16′ 3.5 Hours 3 Hours
16′ 3.5 Hours 3 Hours
24′ 4.5 Hours 3.75 Hours
26′ 5 Hours 4 Hours


Whether downsizing or clearing out for new tenants, 1 Way Haulers specializes in coordinating small and large Office / Warehouse clean-outs. Our team will map out and complete a pickup plan that will restore cleanliness and order to your office space, all you need to do, is point!
Anything from Anywhere:
We can remove nearly anything – office furniture, desks, chairs, and more – from anywhere. It’s as simple as pointing to the junk and watching it disappear.
Free On-Site Estimates:
To make things more convenient, we offer a Free On-site Estimate at absolutely no obligation!
Same or Next Day Service:
Our team offers same or next day Free Estimates, and we’re always ready to offer service immediately!
Call 1 Way Haulers Today, or fill out the Quick Online Form to the right.


After Completing the Sign-up Form, You will receive a follow-up Email or Phone call, and a site visit (with coffee/donuts) from our Management Team.
Lead Generation and Lead Provider Conduct.
a. Compensation. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, 1WH will compensate Lead Provider $20 Flat Rate for actual sales of Junk Removal services to customers and end users (“End Users”) resulting from sales leads (“Leads”) generated by Lead Provider for 1WH.
b. Submission of Leads. All Leads shall be submitted to XXX-XXX-XXXX or via email at
c. Exclusions. Lead Provider shall be compensated only for Leads (after 1WH determines that the prospective End User is neither an existing 1WH customer nor an already existing prospective customer for services from 1WH)
d. Payment. 1WH will pay Lead Provider $20 Flat Rate for each job referred to us and executed (minimum $95 job). Payment will be issued within 45 days after each job is completed. Payment will be mailed to the facility.


Do you have clutter in your retail store that needs to be removed? Our team at 1 Way
Haulers can help clean up any part of your retail store by removing nearly anything, including garbage, furniture, appliances, and renovation debris.
Upfront Pricing: We have a standardized rate card, which is based on the volume of the material being removed. We also offer a free on-site estimate and are always ready to provide service immediately!
Leave Everything To Us: You need not worry about anything – simply point to what needs to be removed, and let 1 Way Haulers start the junk removal for you! We do all the lifting and loading for you, which is included in our pricing.
Removal of All Sizes: From single item removals to large-scale demolitions and projects, 1 Way Haulers, hauls it all.
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Property Managers, STOP wasting your Budget on Roll-Off Fees! 1 Way Haulers’ On-Call Bulk Removal Program gives you Flexibility & Savings, providing same-day bulk furniture-Junk Removal for Apartments and Condominiums.

We offer Major Discounts to our Multi-Family clients, and Easy 30-Day Invoicing. Our Bigger Trucks and Better Pricing method, Guarantees you’ll PAY LESS for our Services than Renting a Roll-Off/Dumpster, plus, Free-up your Maintenance Staff and issues to handle.
Property managers, don’t forget to ask about our Apt./Condo Bulk-Item Area Program. 1 Way Haulers’ staff advises you through implementing a Fenced-Area for storing your Bulk Furniture Waste. This designated Fenced Bulk Area keeps your communities attractive, and helps control your waste expenses. Instead of an unsightly roll-off, and constant fees, you’ll be able to call or email for same-day pick-up to clear the Items in your Fenced Bulk Area. And if your community already has a Bulk-Area, contact us for a competitive Price Quote
Other Value-Added Services we offer the Multi-Family Industry are:


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Commercial Clients

We believe that business is all about rooting strong relationships with our clients, that is the reason why we take the time to get to know our clients, understand their business goals and create win-win opportunities. Classically, following the notion that we work more effectively as partners rather than just suppliers of a service, this commitment to value creation and customer service has served also to maximize our Client Partners Net Operating Income (NOI) & leaves us better prepared to meet the needs of future clients. In the end, we support those who support us!

The most important part of each and every 1 Way Haulers project is the client’s satisfaction. We work continuously and honestly with clients to fulfill their needs, preferences, and goals. Their feedback truly matters in every step of the process, and we ask for it regularly to make sure that they are completely satisfied with the work they have hired us to do. Our business relationships are built on integrity, trust & service.
With 1 Way Haulers, you can count on our experience and expertise for quality you deserve, no matter what are your waste management needs, we would appreciate the opportunity to provide you with a competitive commercial proposal.

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Contractors & Demolition

Do you need something demolished and removed? The 1 Way Haulers Team can do a wide variety of small demolitions, including sheds, concrete, decks and more! All you have to do is point to what needs to be demolished and let us do all the work.

Our licensed and insured staff provide expert and diversified demolition services, having the trucks and equipment to get any demolition project done efficiently.

Our 1 Way Haulers demolition representatives will walk you through every detail of the demolition process, where you will be provided with a free demolition assessment and quote on the jobsite before starting any demolition services.

Electronic Waste

Computer monitors, fax machines, printers and IT equipment are removed and hauled to e-waste treatment facilities for reuse, refurbishment or recycling. 1 Way Haulers makes E-waste removal easier, whether you are upgrading office equipment or replacing computers for your organization, we will ensure your e-waste is properly recycled.

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Q: What is an Event Cleanup Service?
There is a cleaning service to meet almost any need these days. The home, the office, the retail store, the restaurant, the business, the eco-concerned – so why not events, too? Think of the overwhelming task of cleaning up after a conference or a wedding. The number of people present at these events make cleanup one enormous job, one that you may not be able to handle unless you have four days. So, just as you would do with other aspects of the event, such as catering, it’s time to call in the professionals. What may take you, the average event host, days to do will take the efficient and experienced team mere hours!There are two scenarios when it comes to hosting an event, and both make a cleaning service vital:
1. The first possibility is that you are having an event at your home. Well, that’s fine, but once the event is over, you need your home back. You cannot have the remains of an event just sort of living on. A cleaning service can come in and give you your home back.
2. The second scenario is that your event is at a venue, be it a restaurant, hotel, convention center, or municipal space. In this case, cleanup is mandatory, as you need to restore the space to exactly how you found it, in order for the venue to continue business as usual. Often, money is involved here, as some sort of deposit holding fee may be charged and only returned when the space is found in good condition. You can lose a great deal of money if the space is left less than tidy. Therefore, it’s a wise idea to get a cleanup crew in to make the place spotless once again.

Q: What do your Services include?
– site set up
– site tear down
– pre-clean
– post-clean
– cleaning attendants
– trash removal
– party clean up
– event attendants
– power spraying
– power sweeping services
– vacuum sweeping
– sidewalk sweeping
– recycling services
– porter services
– busboy services

Q: Who should use an Event Cleaning Service?
If you’re having a large enough event, say over 30 people, an event cleaning service is definitely worth considering. If your event is over 100 people, it is not just worth considering, it’s necessary. So many stresses are involved with event planning and hosting, the service will ease a huge part of the hosting workload. Think of the luxury and convenience of being able to be done with your event when it ends, not a day later.

Q: What are the benefits of an Event Cleaning Service?
Everything is done for you! All you have to do is host the event, and you’ll have a team there to help. When that event ends, your work as host is done. A group of efficient professionals come in and make your space as good as new, having these services offered as package rates, you can choose what services you need depending on your budget. In other words, you do not have to worry about sacrificing this amazing convenience, according to what you want to spend, you may start with the basic cleaning and go from there.

Q: What are the risks of an Event Cleaning Service?
You’ll have to figure out something to do with all that spare time!


2-Urban Junk Removers Starting @ $95/hr 2 Hour Min†
3-Urban Junk Removers Starting @ $135/hr 2 Hour Min†
4-Urban Junk Removers Starting @ $175/hr 2 Hour Min†

†Rates above include labor, tools, equipment and dollies
†Rates do NOT include furniture pads

Foreclosure Cleanout – Realtor Services

1 Way Haulers offers an array of services that protect and preserve our client’s collateral throughout the period of the foreclosure process or the sale of property. Our team offers professional services to asset managers, lenders, banks, insurance companies, owners, and the Realtor community. We take great pride in our ability to perform quality work, with quick turn-around times, at fair and reasonable prices. 1WH thoroughly understands our client’s needs and keeps abreast of the continual changes with all investor guidelines, this ensures that all work is completed in accordance with the applicable specifications.
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There are many Cost-Saving reasons why you should choose 1 Way Haulers vs. wasting Time and Money on Roll-off/Dumpster Rental. Our Bigger Trucks are comparable to a 20-Yard Roll-off, giving you Better Pricing, without sacrificing disposal space. In addition, you receive these added benefits:

  • Lower Minimum Charges
  • All Labor Included (We do all the Clearing and Loading)
  • On the Spot Removal (You don’t move any debris,… we pick it up, where it lies)
  • Recycle More (1 Way Haulers Recycles most of our collected materials)
  • No Tonnage Fees (Easy Volume Based Pricing)

The 1 Way Haulers Team provides you with a free quote that clearly outlines the costs of labor, disposal and transport – with No hidden or later fees.
Our prices are based on volume. You only pay for the space you use and our rates include all labor to lift and load from anywhere on your property!
We generally recycle a lot more than dumpster / roll-offs too!
Call us Today, or fill out the Quick Online Form to the right.

Referral Program Signup

The 1 Way Haulers Removal Referral Program is designed to offer incentives to Businesses and Individuals for referring prospective customers to our company.
In addition to that, we provide the Junk Removal Industries best value with our bigger trucks, which results in better pricing. Each Customer that you refer will receive $10 off Final job price for mentioning your Name.
Create an additional revenue stream for your company by referring 1 Way Haulers to your customers. We make it easy to get paid for your referrals through the use of our Sign-up Form.
YES, I’d like to Receive $20 for each customer that completes a Junk Removal Service.

Property Preservation FAQ

Q: What makes 1 Way Haulers different from other property preservation companies?
1WH Strives to be YOUR #1 Choice for your asset servicing needs by:
1. QUALITY: Providing timely and professional completed of all assigned work, with a focus on helping our clients remain in compliance with investor guidelines
2. FEEDBACK: Offering an objective and detailed assessment of any repairs or other work need to protect and preserve the property, while increasing it marketability
3. ACCOUNTABILITY: quickly addressing and resolving any issues or concerns that may arise while keeping the clients best interest in mind
4. AFFORDABILITY: Focusing on performing superior work at Fair and Reasonable prices

Q: What Property Preservation Services do you provide?
Lock Changes
Boarding (pools, doors, windows, etc)
Lawn Maintenance
Eviction Support
Lock Rekeys
Lock Box Installation and Coding
Replacement of broken windows
Tarping roofs
Roof Repairs/ Re Roofs
Trash outs/ Debris removal
Maid Service / Sales Clean
Code Violation abatement
Health Hazard Removal
Safety Hazard Repairs
Pool Maintenance
Electrical Repairs
Repair and Renovation
Removal of above grown pools
City Code Violation Abatement
Debris Removal/Cleanouts
Rehab Services
Itemized Damage Reports
Covering of inground pools
Winterizations / Dewinterizations
Plumbing repairs
Pumping water from basements and pools
Abandoned Car, Boat, Motor Home or Motorcycle removal
Lawn maintenance
Fallen tree removal
Property Inspections
Fire damage repairs
Mold Remediation
Shed/Deck removal
Water damage repairs
Cash for keys
Landscape Design and Installation

Q: What investor guidelines are you familiar with?

We are knowledgeable of all investor guidelines and service HUD, VA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and conventional loans.

Q: How long does it take for you complete the average project?
All work will be completed within 3 to 5 days from receipt of the Field Report. Rush service is available!

Q: What technology do onsite crews use?
All of our crews are equipped digital cameras with date stamps and Internet enabled tablet PC’s for remote photo uploads and instant communication with the office. We keep accurate records of individual jobs and property history. This reduces our job processing times for preservation and inspections to near zero. All reports and pictures are delivered via email. More confidence, security, speed, & peace of mind for you. Thankfully, the days of waiting or searching for faxed reports are Over! Optimizing time and saving money. That’s our goal.

Q: What Kind of insurance do you carry?
We carry General Liability, Commercial Auto, Errors & Omissions, Workers Comp and Excess Umbrella insurance.

Q: What areas do you cover?
We provide services in South Florida, from Miami-Dade to Palm Beach county.

  • “Rodney helped us out tremendously by clearing out one of my rental properties. Definitely would recommend! Will definitely use them again. Thank you!”

    D. Thareja

    Co - Owner
  • “We called on 1 WAY HAULERS to help clean out old furniture and debris from our warehouse at the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport prior to out remodel. Very professional people that helped us. They stayed a bit Extra to help arrange some furniture as well, so we could give them the new furniture boxes, so as not to have to call them back the next day. Very gracious of them. Thank you.”

    M. Butler

  • “When I moved, they were very helpful to remove my old furniture so I could get rid of it. My apartment building did not have bulk pickup scheduled except for every 3 months. Thanks 1 way haulers.”

    B. Alverz

    Home Owner